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Latest revision 1st August 2022.

1. What is a Cookie? 

When browsing our website (the “Website”), cookies, pixels, tags and other trackers (the “Cookies”) are installed on your computer.

A cookie is a small file, often encrypted, that is stored in your browser or device and is identified by a name. It is installed when you visit a website or application. Each time you return to the said website or application, the Cookie is retrieved from your browser or device. This ensures that each time you visit the website or application, the browser is recognized.

The installation of these Cookies is likely to enable us to access your browsing data and/or personal data concerning you.

2. Cookies Identification

We may use audience measurement Cookies. You will be informed of this on your first visit to the Website using these Cookies. You will then be invited to accept or refuse them in accordance with the terms described below.

Technical and functional Cookies
Technical and functional Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Website and to provide you with our services. They are used throughout your navigation, in order to facilitate it and to carry out certain functions.
For example, a technical Cookie may be used to store your responses to a form or your preferences regarding the language or layout of the Website, where such options are available.

Audience measurement Cookies
These Cookies allow us to measure the number of visits, page views and user activity. If necessary, they may collect your IP address to know the city from which you are connecting. Audience measurement Cookies allow us to generate statistics on the use and navigation of our Website in order to improve our performances. The Cookies used also allow us to identify navigation problems and eventually to solve them.

3. Your Cookies preferences

Cookies that can be installed without consent
Some cookies do not require your consent, such as:
- Technical or functional Cookies that are necessary for the operation of the Website;
- Certain Cookies for audience measurement or Cookies that enable to test different versions of the Website for the purpose of optimising editorial choices.

Acceptance or refusal of Cookies subject to your express consent
All other Cookies require your consent. These include some audience measurement Cookies. You may freely choose to accept or decline the use of these Cookies.You can accept or refuse these Cookies the first time you browse the Website.Your choices to accept or refuse these Cookies will be retained for a period of six (6) months.You are free to withdraw your consent and more generally to change your preferences at any time on the bottom of this page.

Your browser settings
It is also possible to set your browser to accept or reject certain Cookies.
Each browser offers different settings.

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