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away from users.

Engage users in your product development cycle and make better products.

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Jimo - Instantly connect to your users | Product Hunt

Engage users directly,
live in your app.

Engage users, directly live in your app.

Get insights and validation from users in minutes, with multiple types of hyper engaging and contextual surveys, anywhere in-app.

Make sure users are aware of new features. Publish your latest updates, and improvements. Display it in-app as a topbar, a pop-in or a snippet to boost engagement.

Home for product teams
to connect with their users.

A direct channel that lets you share
your progress and get feedback effortlessly.

Reach the
right users

Send the right survey to the right users, at the right moment. Use behavioral segments and user filters to target nearly any user without bugging engineering for help.

Get a news & feedback Portal

Share announcements, a public roadmap, surveys, features you're considering building, and design prototypes. Choose between a standalone or in-app portal.

Turn Insights
to actions

Get 3x faster on your decision process and develop a clear understanding of why your users act the way they do, what they want and what you should do next.

Integrate Jimo
in your workflow

Be one click away
from your users.

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Standalone Portal

Standalone portal

Public portal with your own domain name, share it, add it everywhere you want!


Embedabble widget

In-app widget to get more engagement.

Product-led companies
love Jimo

4.9/5 based on 100+ reviews

Jimo makes it easy to create engaging communications for our users but also to keep internal teams informed (sales, customer success). It also help us highlight the work of the entire Product-IT team and to strengthen the link with our users.

Anais Arredondo

Jimo allowed us to set up in less than 10min an engaging solution to communicate the regular evolutions of our functionalities to our Customers, via a hyper-contextual channel, directly integrated into the product and its use.

Laurent Partouche

We love Jimo at Waalaxy. It’s a simple and effective way to keep your users informed and include them in the development of your product. Our users are really happy to see the progress of Waalaxy.

Chloé Dalger
Product manager

relationship reinvented.

Make better products by engaging your users in your product life cycle.

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